You are LIVING PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK if you do not have enough money today to pay your monthly bills for the next six months.

(1) Are you LIVING PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK? (2) Do you want to STOP LIVING PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK? If you answered YES to both questions, you are a good candidate to become a MTC Team Member.

Click the APPLY NOW button located at the top/right of this page and complete the APPLICATION. If accepted, you will receive an email with instructions and a start date.

You will need your own personal computer and access to the internet. You will not be asked to buy any tapes, books, or anything else.

You must stop spending your money in the best interest of "Other People" and start spending your money in your own best interest. The MTC Coaching Staff will provide a simple, easy to understand and common sense road map you may follow to STOP LIVING PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK

How long it takes you to STOP LIVING PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK depends on you. The MTC Coaching Staff will provide you a simple, easy to understand and common sense road map. You will be the one driving the car. You will be the one doing the work. How well you drive the car (do the work) will determine how long it takes you to reach your final destination (STOP LIVING PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK).

There is no catch. Money Training Center will not be paid until it has done work for 12 weeks. Think about this. It is normal and acceptable for employers to demand that employees work for a week (or more) before employees are paid (receives a paycheck) for the work they do. Why shouldn't you demand that Money Training Center (all companies) do work before you pay? What rule says there must be a double standard. The real question should be: Why do you accept this double standard?

Money Training Center will never require you to sign a contract to become a member. Therefore, you may cancel your membership at any time. Simply stop participating. You will not be required to call or write a letter or do anything else. Stop participating is accepted as your desire to terminate your membership (See Cancellation Policy).

MTC Team Members may receive a $50 bonus for referring a family member or friend. To be eligible for the referral bonus, your family member or friend must insert your email address in the PROMO CODE box when completing the APPLICATION and must become a paying customer. Additional rules apply. To request a complete copy of the rules, send an email to Family.Friend@MoneyTrainingCenter.com, include your Team Member ID Number in the Subject Line.

Keeping your personal information secure is a top priority of Money Training Center. The most effective step we can take to secure your personal information is not to collect it in the first place. Therefore, Money Training Center requests a minimum amount of your specific information on the Application that could be used to identify you. We mostly request information in ranges. Money Training Center also has internal processes in place to restrict your information to our employees on a need to know basis only. Additionally, your information is stored on servers in heavily guarded data centers. Money Training Center uses SSL/TLS encryption of network communication between our servers. Further, we routinely audit our network for vulnerabilities and unauthorized access.